Kijk, dit isJack!

Ook met Jack in Italie gaat het ontzettend goed.

Dit schreef ons de familie!

Dear Freek and Jet,

 we have received your pack and we have been relly very surprised! There were so many things, for everyone.We have appreciated all:Matteo and Sara are using pencils and books, Chiara and Letizia are playing with wunderwelt der Insekten. in next days,me and Francesco we'll plant your wonderful flowers: but the greatest problem is to find a place where Jack cannot arrive!!!
Jack is growing,we continue to bring him to educational course with our friend but it's very difficult to educate jack with  4 brothers bright as him.
and so, really thanks for your large kindness and you'll come to Garda lake, come to visit us.
kind regards
Luciana, Francesco and 5 sons
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